The book is a transmission of channeling from Archangel Michael and Metatron
for the coming years of 2011-2018. It’s about the changes that will occur to humanity, to the planet, to political systems and our inner awakening. Tender, joyful and funny short stories emphasize the issues on which we should remain alert. The economical difficulties which prevent us from keeping a quality lifestyle increase our need to return to mother Earth with sincere respect.
Intense and revealing are the words of Metatron for the land of (Greece), the European countries, and the rest of the planet. Also talks about the causes of pollution, the chemical attacks and the struggling of humanity under psychological warfare. The positive aspect of his message is about the collective awakening of many souls, on our way to 5th dimension.
Some details are revealed from the sacred and mystical letters of Saint John to Essenes, which lighten our deeper need for inner peace and connection with our higher self, giving us an insight into our existence.
Archangel Michael talks about the Hellenes opening the doors of liberation and giving solutions to planet’s survival. Being under the pressure of many transitions we have to be prepared in our lives for inner and external changes. Some jokes and light stories make the whole situation lighter, offering at the same time precious life lessons.
At the end of the book, there are some clues about how to go from crisis to completion, from chaos to awakening. They are 9 meditation techniques that purify and energize anyone practicing them. They prepare the ground for the new Earth, a planet without possessiveness, with melted egos and fresh loving souls with intuitive abilities who embrace the planet with gratitude, after thousands of dark years.