The second volume of the complete GrimJack, the greatest creation by the legendary team of John Ostrander (Suicide Squad, Star Wars, Deadshot, Martian Manhunter) and Timothy Truman (Conan, Star Wars, Scout, Jonah Hex). Reprinting issues 14 through 30 as originally published by the real First Comics, this hefty tome includes the work of Ostrander, Truman, Tom Sutton, Shawn McManus, and Doug Rice and features the entire ongoing cast of Munden's Barflies - John Gaunt, Jericho Noleski, BlacJacMac, Goddess, Lord Phaeton, Dancer, Molech, Feetus, Gordon Munden, Bob the Watchlizard and guest-stars Dynamo Joe and the Time Beavers!