Surrogacy is becoming a trend in many developing countries in the West as well as in India. The trend may be introduced in Malaysia due to many influential factors such as the mass media and celebrities namely Nicole Kidman and Shah Rukh Khan. Therefore, it is vital for us to understand the basic knowledge of Malaysian with regard to religious and ethical views on surrogacy because these determine the growth of trend with respect to surrogacy. If surrogacy is to be made commercialised in Malaysia, it is also important to take into account the different criterion needed in making the pregnancy healthy up to child birth and hence reduce the mortality and morbidity rate. Lastly, the outcome of this research also supports the need of legislation improvement on surrogacy because there are many repercussion of surrogacy that may arise due to the many debates that may arise throughout or after the service of surrogacy. There is no clear indication or law against surrogacy in Malaysia. However, it is stated in Fatwa whereby the act of surrogacy is forbidden among Muslims. Majority of medical practitioners are oblivious to the law enforced against surrogacy as it is not known to be a major issue. Ethical views regarding surrogacy shows that majority of the medical practitioners believe that the act of surrogacy is unethical. Hence, from the finding of religious and ethical perspectives on surrogacy shows that these aspects contribute to the low acceptance of surrogacy in Malaysia.