BUILD MUSCLES WITHOUT WEIGHTS (Updated), Self Resistance when done correctly, will sculpt, reshape and add strength to a person’s physique beyond imagination without the use of weights or machines. The Serious Muscle Enhancement Program is the official Self-Resistance muscle-sculpting manual with full-range body-part workouts for every major muscle, with plenty of training tips and tricks to get you building muscles fast. Learn how to get maximum muscle fiber recruitment and full-muscle development without weights for every body part at every workout. There’s a full look at my 18-pound-of-muscle-in-12-weeks original program, and the changes I made to improve the stress methods and results. You get an innovative muscle-sculpting and strength workout plan without ever having to go to a gym or lift weights. This manual is an absolute must for your muscle-building library, and it’s the cornerstone from which most of my programs were created that will take your physique into the fourth dimension!