Help your nonprofit go further with Cooperate—Advancing your nonprofit organization’s mission through college & community partnerships

Presented by Indiana Campus Compact faculty fellows and edited by Dr. Nathan A. Schaumleffel, this how-to guide aims to assist nonprofit organizations in creating beneficial partnerships that will increase their resources—thus making it easier for them to implement their plans and achieve their mission and strategic objectives.

A must-read for executive directors, board members, volunteers, and staff, this manual examines the mutually beneficial relationship that can exist between nonprofits and academics. This type of community engagement can provide professors and students with valuable information and experience while allowing important nonprofit objectives to be completed for free or at a drastically reduced cost.

Discover why it is vital to partner with colleges and universities, how to make the best use of the abundance of resources these academic institutions have at their disposal, and what valuable contributions your nonprofit organization can make to faculty, staff, and students.

From logistics and legal requirements to ethics and the how-tos of taking that first step, this exhaustive look at community engagement can help your nonprofit make all the difference.