CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2016 (LANGE CURRENT Series)

world’s most popular annual medical book – with the latest clinical advances and breakthroughs [aktualisiert19459005] current medical diagnosis and therapy in 2016 offers authoritative, evidence-based coverage of more than 1,000 diseases and disorders, along with a brief overview of the diagnosis and treatment. In full color, and the use of numerous table and figures this… Read More »

Don’t Replay – Reframe

reframing our language allows us to fill our minds with positive rather than negative. Studies show that 83% of the conversations we have with ourselves negatively. And these negative conversations over and over again to play. The benefits are enormous, if we stop playing, and instead we reframe our internal communications in order to capture… Read More »

Highlights For Children

Highlights for Children offers puzzles, science projects , jokes and puzzles to challenge young minds while characters in regular features like Hidden Pictures , The Timbertoes , Goofus and Gallant and the Bear Family , keep children coming back like should be good friends . CLICK HERE for more specs about Highlights For Children What… Read More »

The Sacketts Volume Two 12-Book Bundle

lasting saga of one of our best storytellers, is the Sackett series at the top of Louis L’Amour extensive canon of the American West. Run by an unforgettable trio of brothers, this one-of-a-kind family embodies the ideals of the border toughness, determination and justice that have captured the imagination of millions. Now this riveting eBook… Read More »

How to Project Personal Power – Walk the Talk

In order to maximize your own performance, you need to stick out your strength by both your physiology and your language. Let’s talk about it. Many managers in companies think that people know that they, the managers, based on their rank or position in the company are in control. Nothing could be further from the… Read More »

Highlights High Five

Highlights High Five is the latest offering from the publisher of the # 1 children’s magazine of the nation, Highlights for Children . Like its older sibling publication Highlights High Five is based on the conviction established that the children the most important people in the world, and help the children set firmly on the… Read More »

Tearing Down Walls of Bitterness, Betrayal, and Backbiting Pt 1

Walls are built to protect us from the outside elements, but in our relationships with others may serve a different purpose walls. We build walls of different behaviors to protect us from one another. I Know That betrayal, bitterness and backbiting are very harsh sounding words but most of us have Either been on the… Read More »